Monday, September 8, 2008

Adeline the Dancing Queen

I mentioned in my last post that Adeline has become an ABBA fan. This morning, my friend Stefani dropped off an ABBA CD for her. We popped it in, and she started dancing! She spins until she makes herself dizzy! Sometimes she is on the floor breakdancing. I tried to upload a longer clip, but it was still uploading after 5 hours. In this clip I was only able to capture her signature arm moves. She is so funny!

By the way...please excuse my poor excuse for singing at the beginging of the video.


Hooper Family said...

She is the Dancing Queen! Her moves are hilarious!! I'm glad that she like the CD.

Darrell and Alissa said...

That is too funny!! All the gilrs love watching her dance! Don't apologize for singing in the background- who can't stop singing when ABBA is on?!

Rachel Benefield said...

Soooo cute!! She can get down!!

Scott and Nicole said...

How cute is she??!!